Youth-Eastside Sports

Since the program's inception, over 850 community youth have participated annually in one or more of the sports programs.  Each program is structured as a "neighborhood league."  There is NO COST for youth to register but registration is required for the programs.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer as coaches.  A T-shirt and a hat are generally provided to each youth participant.  Most children live within walking distance of their program site. 

Fair play, skill development, teamwork, respect for others and community pride are emphasized over winning.  Parents and coaches encourage the youth to focus on their education, so they can become successful in the classroom and on the ball field.

The United Way plays a huge role in making this program possible.  Parents and community volunteers help make each program a success.  Volunteers play the role of coaches, referees, team "moms" and other aspects that are involved in the Eastside Youth Sports Program.  Please consider volunteering to coach. 

Thanks in part to the Yakima School District, we are able to facilitate practices in local schools throughout the school year and over the summer.  In providing local practice areas, we hope that everyone involved is only a few minutes away or even within walking distance from every gymnasium or ball field.

All the equipment to make every season a success is provided by the YMCA. Uniforms are also handed out on the first game day.  Although there is no cost for these programs, there are some guidelines that the YMCA as well as participants must abide by.  All participants must reside on the east side of Yakima (east of 16th Avenue).  All volunteers must pass a Washington State Patrol background check.  All children must register at the YMCA on or before the scheduled registration deadline.

For questions or more information please contact Ricardo Torres at 972-5278 or