Camp Dudley-Schedule

2017 Specialty Camps:

Family Camp

September 1-3, 2017                       CAMP IS FULL!!

$325 per family (up to 5 members)

$50 per extra members

Father Daughter Weekend

October 13-15, 2017                           Click HERE to register

$165 Father/Daughter

$50 per extra child


Haunted Weekend

October 27-29, 2017                           Click HERE to register

$130 per camper




Great video that makes you feel as if you are at camp!  Click HERE




The Yakima YMCA does fundraising all year to make sure that the programs at Camp Dudley are affordable.  The tier pricing systems is our way of providing each family a price that works for them.  Tier one is the true price of having a camper at camp.  If you can pay tier one that is the most supportive of our mission.  Tier two and tier three are subsidized by our fundraising.  Please select the tier that most appropriately fits your families ability to pay.  Once the kids are at camp the experience is the same no matter what tier you select.  When you register, you may either pay a $75 deposit OR the full cost of the tier you select.  All balances must be paid by June, 15, 2017.   



Summer Camp Theme Weeks 2017

Extreme Week:  July 9 - 14    Ages 10-15    

Tier 1     $342     Tier 2     $310     Tier 3     $240    CAMP IS FULL!!  

This week is for our 10-15 yr old campers and is a week long competition.

Leadership Development Program (LDP):  July 9 - 21     Ages 14-15    

Tier 1     $480     Tier 2     $440     Tier 3     $410     CAMP IS FULL!!! 

The LDP program is a great two week experience! 

Pioneer Days:  July 16 - 21   Ages 7-14    

Tier 1     $342     Tier 2    $310     Tier 3     $240     CAMP IS FULL!!  

We are going back in time with some cool pioneer activities.

Yak and Pak:  July 16 - 22    Ages 12-15       CAMP IS FULL!!

Tier 1     $440     Tier 2     $410     Tier 3     $340    

Campers will spend a day kayaking on Rimrock lake and then 3 days backpacking in the McCall basin.  This is an amzing adventure.

Jurassic Camp:  July 23 - 28    Ages 7-14   

Tier 1     $342     Tier 2     $310     Tier 3     $240     BOYS IS FULL!!!  

Camp is overrun by Dinos.  Come help us wrangle them in.

Art Camp:  July 23 - 28    Ages 9 - 12    

Tier 1     $440      Tier 2     $410     Tier 3     $340   CAMP IS FULL!!

Last year was our first ever Art Camp and it was a blast.  Our campers explored water colors, nature sketching, crafts and song & drama.  Art Camp will be back this summer, and will be bigger and better!

Counselor in Training Program (CIT):  July 23 - August 11     Ages 15-16     

Tier 1     $530     Tier 2     $500     Tier 3     $470   CAMP IS FULL!!

This is a 3 week program that will teach campers how to be fantastic staff at camp. 

Rockstar Week:  July 30 - August 4     Ages 7-14    

Tier 1     $342     Tier 2     $310     Tier 3     $240    CAMP IS FULL!!   

It is a giant Rock show at camp this week.

Holiday Camp:  August 6 - 11    Ages 7-14   

Tier 1     $342     Tier 2     $310     Tier 3     $240     CAMP IS FULL!!  

Every day of the week we will celebrate and explore a different holiday.  Some from around the world and home.

Rainier Trekkers:  August 6 - 11 Ages 12-15   

Tier 1     $440     Tier 2     $410     Tier 3     $340    To register online click HERE

This is a 3 day trip into the Mr. Rainier area.  The campers will do some amazing backpacking.  Come join trip director Bama on this amazing new adventure.


Residence Camps:

Our traditional week long camping experiences. Campers arrive on Sunday night and settle in for an exciting week filled with new friends, new adventures and a variety of exciting activities. Each week involves a special theme, so no two weeks are alike. Our qualified and capable staff are here to ensure that your child has a safe, fun, and memorable week.


An introduction to camp for our younger campers that might not have much overnight experience away from home. In two nights and three days, mini-campers will have the full camp experience doing age appropriate activities under the supervision of our amazing staff. Our goal is that these campers come away from their session excited and ready for a full week of camp either later in the summer or the following year.

Counselors in Training (CIT):

Working in the camp environment is an incredibly rich and rewarding experience, and what better way to get campers ready to make the transition to employment than by learning from Dudley staff. Our CIT classes are designed to give young adults an inside view of camp life while teaching lessons on leadership, decision making, mentoring, conflict resolution and more. These lesions are part of a greater schedule that includes a two night, three day adventure trip, low and high challenge course experience, and lots of camp fun.


For the adventurous camper that is looking to expand upon the residence camp experience, Dudley offers backpacking. Nestled in the Wenatchee National Forest, having the Pacific Crest Trail outside our door, and being less than an hours drive from Mt. Rainier, our backyard is chock full of amazing locations to explore. These trips are designed with the beginner in mind, yet challenging enough and so full of amazing scenery that the experienced hiker will still be raving.

Family Camp:

We believe that camp is for everyone, and our Family Camp brings together young and old alike. A smorgasbord of camps best activities are offered and your family can pick and choose what interests you. Family Camp is also a great way to introduce younger campers to the camp environment, and acquaint them with our staff and activities in order to get them ready for their first solo residence camp stay.

Any questions about any of these camps please contact Kyle @ 509-930-6792

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