Camp Dudley-General Information


Since 1937, Camp Dudley has been offering summer camp opportunities for youth.  This tradition of excellence continues today with a wide variety of options for youth ages 5-17 including both on-site week long residence camps as well as adventure programs that utilize our amazing wilderness setting.  Embracing the traditions that generations of Dudley camper's have enjoyed, we incorporate all your favorite camping activities into "The Experience of a Lifetime" that bolsters self-confidence, independence, and leadership and decision making.  The life lessons learned at camp are unique and the friendships gained can last a lifetime. 

Once your camper is registered, you'll receive a packet of information regarding what to pack for your camper, as well as what to expect from their experience.  Included in your packet is a variety of information about your camper that we will need returned prior to your camper's arrival.  Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for answers to the most common questions.  Continue reading for more information on what to expect when you arrive.

Click HERE to see a great video that makes you feel as if you are at camp.


When you arrive on site on Sunday afternoon, your family will be greeted by our staff.  The first step is to check in, where you will go over your campers health form with either the Camp Director or our medical personnel.  This allows us to ask any followup questions regarding the health of your child to provide them the best care possible.  Next will be cabin assignments where your camper will find out where they stay for the week!  Camp Dudley's caring staff will escort your camper to their cabin to be introduced their Head Counselor, Assistant Counselor, and bunk mates.  You are welcome to accompany them to the cabin to get situated, and check out our site. Soon after meeting their cabin, camp starts with activity planning, swim tests, and more!

Before leaving, feel free to chat with your campers counseling staff or the Camp Director to have all your questions answered. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible whether or not it is your child's first camp experience!  During the week, your camper will be participating in a wide variety of activities. Our fast paced and full schedule ensures that even the tough to please will have something they enjoy. Packages and mail are passed out every day during lunch, and you are encouraged to send as much as you want! Phone use is restricted to emergency use or extreme cases of homesickness. Calling home in many cases will cause more problems than it solves, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Soon enough it will be Friday night! When you arrive on site, the first thing to do is to check out your child.  You may be asked to present a photo ID when coming on site to complete the check out process which is to ensure a high level of security for your children.  Our evening begins with dinner at 5:00pm in the dining hall. As dinner winds up, we will present a slide show of photos from the week.  Our final activity to close the week is a campfire where campers and staff will present skits and songs. Hopefully your camper will stay awake long enough on the ride home to tell you about some of their exciting adventures! 


Campers, you can expect one amazingly fun week! When you arrive on Sunday afternoon, you will check in, and then be taken to your cabin to meet your counselors and bunk mates. Once most of your cabin arrives you will begin to play some games and set the expectations for the week.  After that you will take a quick tour of camp.  Dinner comes next, followed by our opening campfire where you will meet all of the Dudley staff, sing some songs, and see your counselors in funny skits. Before lights out, your cabin will meet to decide what activities you want to do on your first full day at camp!

Each day at Dudley is new and exciting. With a huge variety of activities to pick from, no two days (or weeks) are the same. After waking up, your cabin will meet to raise flag and sing songs to wake you up and get energized for the day! Breakfast is followed by a planning meeting where one person from your cabin will come and tell the staff what you are doing for that day. Then you will jump right into your plan! Two hours of morning activities leads us up to lunch where we do mail call. Watch out, if you get mail you'll have to sing, too many and you might be taking a trip to the pool! After lunch is rest hour, a chance to catch your breath, maybe write a quick letter home, and get ready for the afternoon. A full afternoon of activities will have you hungry for dinner.

Don't forget that Wednesday night is camp out, where your cabin will hike out to a beautiful campsite and cook your dinner in the great outdoors. We'll make sure that your s'mores fixings get delivered on time! By Friday night you should be exhausted from a week of hiking, rock climbing, arts and crafts, swimming, canoeing and lots more. Although it may be tough to say good bye, you can always come back for another week either this summer, or the next.