ASPIRE to be a mentor

This is an opportunity for caring adults (21 or older) to make a difference in the lives of students from ages 8-14 years old.

ASPIRE stands for Adult-Student Program to Inspire, Relate, and Enrich.  Our first priority is the well-being and safety of the child and volunteer, so the matching procedure reflects that concern.  Application forms are filled out by both the student and ASPIRE adult to provide necessary information, as we strive to make a lasting match. 

ASPIRE staff members also visit with families of student applicants before the matching process is complete. 

All ASPIRE adult applications are processed through a Washington State Patrol Background Check in compliance with the guidelines for all YMCA volunteers and employees. 

There is a mandatory mentor training necessary before being matched with a student.


  • Mentors and students meet once or twice each month for 3-4 hours total. 
  • Mentoring is about dedication, so a year long commitment is required.
  • Mentors will meet with their students to share hobbies, recreational activities, and perhaps a glimpse of the mentor's work environment. 
  • Goal setting, life skill development, encouragement and guidance should be at the heart of each mentoring relationship. 
  • The goal of ASPIRE is to bring adults and students together in a community partnership which can create a lasting beneficial effect on the lives of young people.

Want to find out more about ASPIRE or becoming a mentor?  Please contact Tom Oliva at 972-5275 or

Mentor Application

WSP Form

Student/Mentee-English Application

Student/Mentee-Spanish Application